Performance Dyno Tuning

Performance Dyno Tuning an engine is the most critical piece in the puzzle of performance. We focus on providing a tune that optimises power, torque, drivability and economy.
Performance Tuning is the process of making changes inside your vehicle’s ECU to improve the performance of your vehicle. A Dyno simulates a road, and allows our tuner to take the vehicle up to high speeds and put the vehicle under load in a safe environment.

Using a dyno is a must when tuning. There is no other accurate way of measure and optimising the tune. We measure every change to ensure you’re getting the best result possible.

There are a stack of benefits that will be customised to suit your vehicle and your needs. Simply, you need a Performance Dyno Tune to optimise the performance of your vehicle and ensure the ECU calibration is safe.
Benefits will vary depending on the application, but can include:

Increased power

Improved throttle response

Increased torque

A smoother power band

Improved fuel economy (if you can control your right foot!)

Optimised drivability

A safe tune that will prevent engine damage compared to a modified vehicle with no tune, or a poor tune.

Removal of any fault codes for removed or disabled systems (typically emission control related).