About us

Our enhanced chassis MD-150 dyno is specifically equipped to handle the test requirements of all types of vehicles from single four-barrel small block Chevys to blown or turbo charged big blocks, Pro Stock engines, supercharged and all types of modern fuel injected engines vehicles. We monitor all important engine parameters including air flow, air fuel ratio, exhaust gas temperatures, fuel flow, BSFC, spark curves and more. We can monitor over 70 channels at once. Learn what works and what doesn't work before you waste valuable racing time to tune your engine at the track.
Providing a quality result is at the top of our list.

We tune race and offroad vehicles only. We do not tune street cars, but we do dyno diagnostics (power pull dyno diagnostics, with print out)

EFI University Certified Tuner with over 20 years racing and tuning experiences..


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